[lfs-support] Greetings and first two questions

Alain Toussaint alain.toussaint at securivm.ca
Mon Jan 30 21:23:25 PST 2012

> Secondly, there was no 'gcc-4.x.x' directory
> created from the three un-tar operations in my
> case (from the V.7.0 LFS commands.)

there are 4 untar operation, gcc-4.6.1, mpfr, gmp and mpc.

you have to untar gcc-4.6.1 first with:

tar xjvf gcc-4.6.1.tar.bz2

the book assume that you unpacked gcc-4.6.1 before unpacking the other
tarball and it is the same with all the other packages. as for the other
packages (mpfr, gmp and mpc), unpack them in
the /mnt/lfs/sources/gcc-4.6.1 directory.


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