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On 31 January 2012 13:48, rafe_b <rafeb at speakeasy.net> wrote:
> On 01/31/2012 12:23 AM, Alain Toussaint wrote:

> I'm sorry, this is not correct, either in LFS-BOOK 7.0,
> or in LFS-BOOK 6.8 (Sec. 5.5.1 of both versions.)
> Please show me, in *either* book version (6.8 or 7.0)
> the step where I was supposed to untar the gcc
> tarball.
I shall quote again section 5.3
at time of posting, version 7.0
To re-emphasize the build process:

1. Place all the sources and patches in a directory that will be
accessible from the chroot environment such as /mnt/lfs/sources/. Do
not put sources in /mnt/lfs/tools/.
2. Change to the sources directory.
3. For each package:
    a. Using the tar program, extract the package to be built. In
Chapter 5, ensure you are the lfs user when extracting the package.
    b. Change to the directory created when the package was extracted.
    c. Follow the book's instructions for building the package.
    d. Change back to the sources directory.
    e. Delete the extracted source directory and any <package>-build
directories that were created in the build process unless instructed

I assume you managed to compile binutils, there is no 'direct'
instruction to untar binutils
you must have got that idea from generalinstructions.html

why it hasn't clicked that you need to do the same with gcc I do not know

> I've been accused of not reading carefully enough,

I don't think it an accusation, it is an established fact

> so please show me where I'm wrong.  I'm obviously
> not going to make progress on LFS until I figure this
> out.
see above ( please also re-read this thread )
> It is not my intention in any way to be adversarial.
> I am giving this my utmost effort but apparently
> that may not suffice.
Granted, the generalinstructions.html is probably not very clear to a beginner
However, it has been explained and pointed out to you a number of times.

I don't wish to discourage you but I feel I must point out that this
issue is a very small hurdle.
You will face much greater complications later on. Especially if you
need a GUI, the BLFS book has many things that you simply won't
require, but you will need to know what you want/need and I think you
will get stuck with that ( especially resolving dependencies )

but here, copy and paste this

cd /mnt/lfs/sources &&
rm -rf gcc-*/*
tar vxf gcc-*.*z* &&
cd gcc-*

now follow the book
when you have finished gcc

cd /mnt/lfs/sources &&
rm -rf linux-*/*
tar vxf linux-*.*z* &&
cd linux-*

now follow the book
when you have finished with linux-headers ....

basically that is what 5.3 is telling you to do
( don't forget that in chapter06 it will be /source and not /mnt/lfs/source )

and, yes I cheated as I don't know the version numbers off the top of my head
but those little 'scripts' will work for most, and by the time they
fail you should have a better idea of what is going on

Talented, Witty And Thoughtful .. is how most describe me.

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