[lfs-support] Greetings and first two questions

jasonpsage at jegas.com jasonpsage at jegas.com
Tue Jan 31 10:24:37 PST 2012

>I'm sorry, this is not correct, either in LFS-BOOK 7.0,
>or in LFS-BOOK 6.8 (Sec. 5.5.1 of both versions.)
>Please show me, in *either* book version (6.8 or 7.0)
>the step where I was supposed to untar the gcc
>I've been accused of not reading carefully enough,
>so please show me where I'm wrong. I'm obviously
>not going to make progress on LFS until I figure this
>It is not my intention in any way to be adversarial.
>I am giving this my utmost effort but apparently
>that may not suffice.
>Rafe B.

Relax Bro - I've butted heads with folks in here as well - sometimes
fueled by me 
missing something, sometimes perhaps wrongly when it was assumed I must
be missing 
something else.

We're often told we should go through the book without writing scripts
so we
understand things better, and I understand the sentiment, likewise
looking at someone else script can help. (If it's not to "tricky" -
Firerat makes WAY
efficient scripts and I've beeing programming for 30 years and I still
as I'm not a POSIX master)

I've been handed folks 7.0 scripts for just that reason, and I have
some. I don't want
to give away the bank in some respects, but perhaps looking at a script,
and comparing the book
might be helpful. 

I'd be happy to share if you like. My Scripts are lessons in how to
write POSIX, but they do 
correlate with each section of the book. 

The Intro to Xorg had me all kinds of messed up because the intro tells
about the process generally
and I took it literally. I was hung up this because it deviated a little
from how the other sections 
"Present" themselves. 

All the guys here are cool - perhaps some are a little gruff at times.
Part of it I think stems
from the fact that maintaining any kind of distro is a lot of work and
they may be very intimate
with the details. So when we trip on something that seems trivial to
them, perhaps patience wanes
but I assure you, WE ALL WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! 

Once you Make it to the finish line (haha BLFS is next but) Once you get
LFS 7.0 completed and join the 
ranks - you graduate to apprentice ;)

So take in on the chin - everyone here is an enthusiast - so we all have
that in common (I Think)

Don't Give up - You see, That's NOT ALLOWED. (B^)>


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