[lfs-support] What Is "The" LFS Partition?

Henrik /KaarPoSoft henrik at kaarposoft.dk
Tue Nov 6 09:29:39 PST 2012

On 11/05/12 17:12, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> For an SSD drive, I suggest getting gptdisk (fdisk syntax) or gparted 
> (challenging syntax) and partitioning the drive as a gpt drive. 

I have been building on an old 32bit box with rotating disks.
I am considering buying a new 64bit box with SSD.

So I would like to know why you suggest GPT for SSD?
I know - in general - differences between legacy MBR and GPR, but what 
specifics may be related to SSD vs rotating?

> For an ssd drive, you will want to disable atime *after* completing LFS. 

Why after?
How about relatime?

--- oOo ---

If I ever get a new 64bit box with SSD, I was thinking about:
Using an insane amount of swap space and creating a tmpfs and building 
But maybe Linux' disk buffering is good enough to just build off an SSD 
directory, hoping for Linux to keep most of it in memory?

Any insights on this approach?


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