[lfs-support] What Is "The" LFS Partition?

Feuerbacher, Alan AFeuerbacher at ALLEGROMICRO.com
Wed Nov 7 07:01:34 PST 2012

Bruce wrote:

> > Can you suggest any technical resources where I might learn the gory
> details of this?
> Read the source:  Look in GRUB ./grub-core/boot/i386/pc/boot.S


> Every directory is written in the inode structure of it's parent.  This
> is implemented using hard links.  To learn about this you really need
> to read a book about the kernel internals.  I really don't want to look
> up all the details.  You might want to read something like:
> http://www.amazon.com/The-Linux-Kernel-Book-Card/dp/0471981419
> Look on ebay for a much lower price.  It's old but the concepts are
> valid.

I found one for $0.99. :-) Bought a couple of later books as well.

> > So what would you suggest for a machine that would ultimately be home
> to several distros, LFS and Windows, using GPT? Perhaps something like
> this (following the names from my own GPT installation)?
> > . . .
> I'd change /usr to /home,

Is that so /home can be used across distros?

> otherwise it's OK.
> I only have 17 on sda, 7 on sdb and 2 on sdc.

Is that number of distros, or number of partitions? :-)

Last night I decided to just go with what I had already set up by way of GPT and LVM, and started building LFS. As of this morning, I had gotten to testing gcc in the 2nd pass. So everything appears to be happy. Let's see what happens when I get to the end of the LFS book tonight.


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