[lfs-support] LFS Installed!!

Juan Rodriguez donjuan9744 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 13 11:40:36 PST 2012


I just finished my first LFS build (7.2), and am super excited. I was able configure lilo and boot my new system.

I wanted to thank the individuals responsible for providing the LFS guide. It wasn't as easy a I thought, but the guide was awesome.

Some things I learned (possibly help new people to LFS)

-Follow the Host System Requirements! 

I started with Knoppix, went to Fedora, and then ended up using slackware. Had I made sure my Host System Requirements were right from the beginning, I would have saved much pain and time.

-Building programs from source isn't that bad.

Although I took Unix Admin in college, I really never understood building programs from source and all the different extensions for packages (.bz2,tar,xf) After doing LFS, I finally have a good understanding of source files and building programs. 

I generally enjoy knowing how linux works, and LFS has helped me gain a deeper understanding of linux. 

Off to BLFS land.



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