[lfs-support] A startup quesion

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 14:06:38 PST 2012

Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> --- Em ter, 20/11/12, Ken Moffat escreveu:
>> De: Ken Moffat
>> Assunto: Re: [lfs-support] A startup quesion
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>> Data: Terça-feira, 20 de Novembro de 2012, 16:19
>> (ii). a couple more partitions of the same 10GB size - this
>> will
>> allow you to build LFS+BLFS in one of them
> For some reasons, I have reached more than 10GB, so I prefer 20GB
> partition size. Also, remember that some packages use many GB,
> LibreOffice takes over 7GB in some machines/versions. For builds, I use
> a ~/tmp directory which is actually a link to another tmp in another
> partition having at least 10GB of free space.

Drive organization is really a personal preference item.

There is a big difference between build space and install space.  I 
generally build in /tmp which is on a separate partition.  I also put a 
lot of stuff in /opt and leave it there:

46M     /opt/Adobe
30M     /opt/DBDesigner4
251M    /opt/OpenJDK-
464M    /opt/OpenJDK-
41M     /opt/ant-1.7.0
37M     /opt/ant-1.8.3
8.8M    /opt/fop-0.20.5
103M    /opt/fop-0.93
4.0K    /opt/gnome-2.18.3
489M    /opt/kde-3.5.2
1.5G    /opt/kde-4.8.3
16K     /opt/lost+found
1.6M    /opt/lsb
323M    /opt/openoffice.org2.1
93M     /opt/qt-3.3.5
86M     /opt/qt-3.3.8
52M     /opt/qt-3.3.8-nomysql
474M    /opt/qt-4.3.4
1.1G    /opt/qt-4.5.0
1.1G    /opt/qt-4.5.2
1.2G    /opt/qt-4.7.0
441M    /opt/qt-4.8.2
1.4G    /opt/qtbin
1.2G    /opt/save
8.0K    /opt/test
281M    /opt/xorg

The main directories don't generally use a lot of space:

5.6M    /bin
7.6M    /sbin
22M     /lib
1.4G    /usr/lib
300M    /usr/bin
15M     /usr/sbin
944M    /usr/share

If you don't rotate logs, /var/log can get pretty big.

and of course:

36G     /usr/src

I don't use /usr/local at all.

   -- Bruce

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