[lfs-support] A startup quesion

Tobias Gasser lfs at ebp-gasser.ch
Tue Nov 20 16:31:18 PST 2012

> Reading back, my sentence could be misleading, so, to be clear, I was
> referring LO to build size, not install size (Bruce just pointed out
> this, but I feel it needed to be close to my own statement). For install
> size, it is about the same as OpenJDK, over 440MB, build size also the
> same order for LO and OJDK.

i need a little less for my

the download dir is little above 500m (since 3.6.0, no automatic delete 
available, impossible to remove manually due to the numeric prefixes - i 
guess i'll try to make a script one day...)

the unpacked translations are about 1.3
(older versions had plenty of stuff in 2 more directories, 3.6.3 doesnt 
download or extract them any more)

the working directory expands up to 3.7g

install-size is just 350m  (stripped!, only EN, DE, FR languages)

max disk usage during build is about 5.8g (64bit, 5.5g with 32bit)

i have an intel i7 with 16g ram and 320 wd raptor disk.

last 32bit build used 3.4g build, 350m destdir and run for 50:48
last 64bit build used 3.7g build, 380m destdir and run for 52:35


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