[lfs-support] How is 'dev/pts' created (or not)?

alex lupu alupu01 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 08:52:58 PST 2012

Bruce, Ken, Fernando:

Thank you very much for your encouraging words
and generous help.

I'm repeating myself, I know how busy you are and
how helpful you've been to others and to (B)LFS
Long ago, I decided to just expect a quick "Aha"
moment from you on a bitch from me and if not possible,
at least a short (and delicate) statement here to the effect that

"Hey Bozo, my system (say on 3.6.7 with 182 or 195)
for your situation works just fine.  This is the relevant
.config section on that.
You better get off your fat and lazy as[x] and straighten
up your act!"

Your comments are a best example of the above.  Thanks again.

Another example.  Thanks again.

Thanks for .config confirmation.

A few asides (if I may).
1.  I have a perfect backup of my now shaky system.
It's a 3.6.1 with 182 and /dev/pts.
I'll start messing it up and troubleshooting from there
on my now restored test system.

2.  My brain is way too small to absorb _and retain_ everything
these days, what with Bieber Artist of the Year and all.
However, if I remember correctly, I created once a long and boring
LFS dissertation thread where I covered exactly(?) this wondrous
experience of watching the stark metal of a drive with just
/dev/console and /dev/null (and a few others) etched on it
magically morphing into the beautiful device nodes (including
/dev/pts :) and stately tree we sopt and admire in awe after the boot up.
I'll try to collect my thoughts (and records) on that.

3.  Etc.

Be happy (things can be a lot worse - my new Ivy Bridge machine
is still in Linux shambles after more than a week.  My wife
installed Win 7 on it (with all the updates) in a couple of hours),
-- Alex

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