[lfs-support] A startup quesion

Tobias Gasser lfs at ebp-gasser.ch
Wed Nov 21 15:52:49 PST 2012

Am 21.11.2012 14:38, schrieb Fernando de Oliveira:

> I thought in stripping it, but I am still not sure if any problem would
> appear. What is the command you used to strip?

i use DESTDIR on all packages, so i can loop thru all files in DESTDIR 
to (re)compress all manpages, strip all binaries and libraries, set 
chmod 755 on libraries and some more things...

here the snipet for stripping:

   OK=$( LC_ALL=C file "${line}" )
   if [ ! -z "$( echo ${OK} | grep ' ELF ' )" ] ; then
     strip -p --strip-unneeded "$line"
   elif [ ! -z "$( echo ${OK} | grep ' current ar archive' )"  ] ; then
     strip -p --strip-debug "$line"

> Does this include the sources (compressed and uncompressed) as in my
> case? If so, please, would you post the switches used?

what else if not the sources???

i extract the libreoffice-core-
then i make a symlink for the src as i don't want to download these 500g 
on each build. if a new version requires new packages, the download 
script will just get the new files. as the translations are extracted 
into the src directory (another 1.3g!) i keep them to speed up the 
build. as soon i have successfully built the new one once, i remove the 
old translations and clean up the src

after 'make' i remove the src again, and i have 3.4g on 32bit or 3.7g on 

you can add the 1.3g translations and even the 500m src to my 3.7g 
workdir giving a total of 5.5g. still far away from the 7g you mentioned.

here my autogen switches:

./autogen.sh \
   --prefix=/usr/X11 \
     --sysconfdir=/etc/libreoffice \
   --disable-binfilter \
   --disable-mozilla \
   --disable-odk \
   --disable-postgresql-sdbc \
     --disable-kde \
     --disable-kde4 \
     --disable-gtk3 \
     --disable-systray \
     --enable-librsvg=system \
     --enable-dbus \
     --enable-extra-font \
     --enable-release-build \
  --with-system-boost \
  --with-system-cairo \
  --with-system-curl \
  --with-system-db \
  --with-system-expat \
  --with-system-gettext \
  --with-system-icu \
  --with-system-jpeg \
  --with-system-libpng \
  --with-system-libxml \
  --with-system-neon \
  --with-system-nss \
  --with-system-openssl \
  --with-system-poppler \
  --with-system-redland \
  --with-system-zlib \
  --with-system-mysql \
     --with-system-lcms2 \
     --with-system-mozilla \
     --with-system-mesa-headers \
  --with-num-cpus=$(getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN) \
     --with-lang="de fr" \
     --with-perl-home=/usr \
     --with-openldap \
  --without-java \
     --without-system-jars \
     --without-ppds \
     --without-afms \
     --without-myspell-dicts \
     --without-system-dicts \
     --without-help \
     --without-helppack-integration \

i don't build any dictionaries. i have most (but not all) libraries 
already installed. disabling odk and binfilter saves some space (and 
time) too.

as i'm running xfce, i need no kde or gtk3, just gtk2.

it's a pitty lo is not able to check the installed libraries. either you 
use --with-system-xx (or as for librsvg --enable-xx=system) or lo will 
build it's own package again! even better to check for installed 
libraries first to avoid even the download - last time i counted, i 
could save 30 out of 100 (as far as i remember nearly 200 out of 500g).


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