[lfs-support] A startup quesion

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Fri Nov 23 17:54:53 PST 2012

On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 03:26:31AM -0800, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> --- Em qua, 21/11/12, Tobias Gasser escreveu:
> > it's a pitty lo is not able to check the installed
> > libraries. either you 
> > use --with-system-xx (or as for librsvg --enable-xx=system)
> > or lo will 
> > build it's own package again! even better to check for
> > installed 
> > libraries first to avoid even the download - last time i
> > counted, i 
> > could save 30 out of 100 (as far as i remember nearly 200
> > out of 500g).
> That is true!
> Thanks again, Tobias.
 And thanks from me to both of you.  On my own first-time build, I
seem to have used about 8GB (x86_64) with 677 MiB installed - still
need to fine-tune some of the options, and to decide if I really
want the languages I chose, but I've managed to overcome my dislike
of enormous packages.

 Shame it can't open .gnumeric and .abw files, and .xlsx files
(saved by gnumeric) crash it, but if I save as .xls and .doc in
gnumeric and abiword then it can open them.

 I think I'll be absent from the lists for a few days - need to play
with calc and writer before deciding if these are the way for me to
go :-)  So far, writer looks mostly good (the dead keys and my AltGr
keys from .Xmodmap all seem to work fine - abiword always ignored
some of the less-common dead key accented letters).  Good thing I
upgraded my desktop boxes this year, building this on my ancient
single processor x86_64 with one processor would take forever ;)


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