[lfs-support] Booting into LFS chapter 9.2

Kaleb van Ingen Schenau k.ingen.schenau at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 05:45:43 PST 2012


I'm having trouble booting into the new LFS partition (or harddisk in my

I've set up the GRUB as descriped in the book, the only changes i've put
into the grub.cfg is that i had to change the hd0,2 to hd1,1 and i changed
the root partition to sdb1 to match my setup up.

(ill just list my setup quick)
sda1 (linux host OS)
sdb1 (/ (this is where i installed all the folders such as ,dev , srv, usr,
etc, and the list goes on)
sdb2 (my 100mb boot partition)
sdb3 (1GB swap)

Now i reboot after unmounting $LFS and i get the grub menu as expected and
i press enter to start the boot, the comes up with a massive list of things
i can only imagine are steps to boot into LFS and it freezes with a error
or "Kernel panic":
[        2.396063] No filesystem could mount root, tried: ext3 vfat msdos
[        2.398121] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs
on unknown-block (8.17)

then i get a litte list of something i cant make head or tails out of and
then finishes with atkbd serio0: Sprurious ACK on isa0060/serio0. some
program might be trying to acces hardware directly.

Any thoughts?

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