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thanks for answering.

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> On Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 07:55:17PM +0000, Tobias Linus Seidler wrote:
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> > Hello.
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> > I downloaded and decompressed the packages with wget as instructed in the lfs book. Within the host-system and as lfs-user I created and cd-ed into the binutils-build folder and executed the ../binutils-2.22/configure --prefix=/tools --with-sysro.... command.
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> > Then I executed 'make' put terminal reported there was no make file in the current directory. Inspection of the previous commands output told me about some error that a c compiler on the host system was missing:
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> > Please advise me. 
> > 
> For a C compiler, download one from your host distro. After (or
> before) that, please look at Host System Requirements in the
> Preface (page 16 of the PDF). To be honest, if you have no
> experience of compiling, I don't think you will be ready for LFS.
> > Besides when I copy multiline commands out of your pdf terminal interpretes each single line on its one which of course doesn't work. Can I do something about that?
> > 
> Paste or copy the whole line, ensuring that any '\' is the last
> character. Most people don't use the PDF, and paste from the html
> version in their browser to a term. Of course, that does assume
> you are using a desktop environment which doesn't want to maximize
> an application to full-screen.
> I'm also not sure why you would decompress the packages - any
> adequate version of tar will cope with all the various forms of
> compression, provided the decompressors have been installed [ see
> posts from the last 24 hours for which versions of tar are adequate,
> in the archives if you weren't subscribed ].
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