[lfs-support] More Control and Package Management using Package Users - LFS 7.2+

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 10 05:13:18 PDT 2012

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 08:41:50AM +0100, David Buchan wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry if this is the second time I have sent this (not sure if I sent it
> right the first time).
> I am building the current development lfs and am having the following
> problem.
> At the start of Chapter 6, once inside the chroot environment I am using
> the hint "More Control and Package Management using Package Users".
> Packages are installed as a unique user that is created specifically for
> each package.
> Since the first package is linux-libc-headers, the hint tells you to create
> a user and group called linux-libc-headers.
> The hint provides handy scripts to do the job of creating these new users
> and groups.
> One of these scripts tries to execute su - linux-libc-headers
> But since su no longer exists in the /tools environment it fails.
> su used to be in coreutils (therefore when compiling coreutils in chapter 5
> you could (as part of the hint) copy su into /tools).
> But now su is only in shadow which is not installed in chapter 5.
> I have tried installing shadow in /tools as an extra to chapter 5, but
> after executing su I get an exit status of 1 which means "permission
> denied" according to "exitcodes.h" within shadow's source.
[ snip strace output ]
> The only solutions I can think of is to chroot in and out of LFS for each
> user/package up until shadow, after which the hint should work as normal.
> Or as someone suggested on IRC #lfs-support yesterday, I could install
> everything up to and including shadow in chapter 6 as root. Then start
> chapter 6 again using the hint. That would take much much longer as each
> installation would fail for every file it tried to install, because each
> package/user would try to overwrite each root owned file, failing each
> time, and I'd have to manually correct these one at a time.
> Or I could run through LFS 6.x where su is still inside coreutils.
> I have installed LFS using this hint in the past so I know it works, not
> sure what versions though.
> Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
 I'm reluctant to recommend the package users hint, but I recently
played with DESTDIR installs [ in the end, I gave up - my
requirement was better logging, and I found an easier method ] and
for that I built su-tools at the end of chapter 5.
 i.e. untar coreutils-8.17 (latest version including su)
  ./configure --prefix=/tools
  cp -v src/su /tools/bin/su-tools

 These are the LFS-7.1 comands *without* make install : attempting
to build only src/su is not worth the aggravation, much easier to
build it all but only install the one binary.

 Alternatively, Bryan posted on -dev with a link to an earlier
version of the hint (elsewhere in that thread I think he explained
the difficulties with 'su' from shadow in this context) -

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