[lfs-support] Best Linux Version for LFS?

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Wed Oct 10 10:48:23 PDT 2012

Em 10-10-2012 13:33, Bruce Dubbs escreveu:

> Feuerbacher, Alan wrote:

>> I'd like to try out Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint as a start, and
>> perhaps others as I gain experience. Does it matter which of these I
>> end up with for LFS purposes? Is one more friendly to LFS than
>> others?
> Not really.  You just need to be able to satisfy the Host System 
> Requirements in Section iii of the Preface.

This point is very important and often underestimated by LFS beginners
(myself included, when started with LFS).

> My experience with Ubuntu is mixed.  The earlier versions, 8.04, etc 
> were OK, but the latest ones with Unity were slow and had too much eye 
> candy.  I've not looked at any recently.
>    -- Bruce

For newcomers from Windows, especially XP, I find LXDE very good and
fast: Lubuntu (based on Ubuntu, but fortunately without Unity) is ready
for it.

Some other distributions have LXDE live CDs, too, ready to install.

Many well-know distributions allow LXDE to be installed from their
repositories, and then one can use LXDE session, instead of default.
I have installed it in Ubuntu, only when I cannot find a particular
program, I restart a Ubuntu in Unity, to search it. I have a notebook
(Intel I5) running Ubuntu Unity, just to get used to it eventually, but
LXDE is there installed, too.

After selecting for the first time, automatically or after a short
dialogue, it becomes default.

Recently, I replaced an old Mint LXDE (LXDE live CD is discontinued by
Mint) by newer Mint Cinnamon, quite liked it, but after having problems
with the panel, I installed LXDE from the repositories, and it is
running OK.

For my personal use I stay almost 100% of the time with LFS.


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