[lfs-support] 6.7. Linux-3.5.2 API Headers compile error

Yida Zhang yidazh at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 20:55:46 PDT 2012

Hi, there

I'm having errors while compiling the kernel by running "make
headers_check". The errors are as follows:

CHECK include/linux (377 files)
/sources/linux-3.5.2/usr/include/linux/kexec.h:49: userspace cannot
reference function or variable defined in the kernel
/sources/linux-3.5.2/usr/include/linux/soundcard.h:1054: userspace cannot
reference function or variable defined in the kernel
CHECK include/mtd (5 files)

The 49th line of kexec.h is like this:

Line#45 /* Load a new kernel image as described by the kexec_segment array
Line#46 * consisting of passed number of segments at the entry-point
Line#47 * The flags allow different useage types.
Line#48 */
Line#49 extern int kexec_load(void *, size_t, struct kexec_segment *,
Line#50 unsigned long int);

The 1054th line of soundcard.h is like this:

Line#1036 /*
Line#1037 * Some convenience macros to simplify programming of the
Line#1038 * /dev/sequencer interface
Line#1039 *
Line#1040 * This is a legacy interface for applications written against
Line#1041 * the OSSlib-3.8 style interface. It is no longer possible
Line#1042 * to actually link against OSSlib with this header, but we
Line#1043 * still provide these macros for programs using them.
Line#1044 *
Line#1045 * If you want to use OSSlib, it is recommended that you get
Line#1046 * the GPL version of OSS-4.x and build against that version
Line#1047 * of the header.
Line#1048 *
Line#1049 * We redefine the extern keyword so that make headers_check
Line#1050 * does not complain about SEQ_USE_EXTBUF.
Line#1051 */
Line#1054 void seqbuf_dump(void); /* This function must be provided by
programs */
Line#1056 #define SEQ_PM_DEFINES int __foo_bar___

I understand that in soundcard.h file, the error might be harmless, but the
one in kexec.h worries me. Is this error a road blocker for building my LFS
system? If I need to fix this before going further, what should be the fix?

And what does it mean by " userspace cannot reference function or variable
defined in the kernel" anyway?

Your help and guidance are highly appreciated. Thank you.

Yida Zhang
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