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Fri Oct 26 02:54:43 PDT 2012

2012/10/25 Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com>

>  I'm sorry, I still don't understand.  Let me give you some
> background: in LFS-4 we saw a lot of people who had problems that
> other people never had.  From that came the "pure LFS" of LFS-5.0
> and later which aims to isolate the the final system from whatever
> is used to build it.  A major part of that isolation is using the
> same versions of the packages in both chapters 5 and 6.
>  Mixing instructions from different versions of the book (e.g.
> building 7,2, but using some instructions from 7.1) is almost
> guaranteed *not* to work : if the instructions changed in a newer
> version of the book, it is usually because it was necessary for the
> newer versions of the packages.
>  I've still not got any idea what you have built to get to your
> current problem, but my gut feeling is that you need to start again,
> using only the 7.2 book.  Perhaps that is too pessimistic a view,
> but you have not provided any details of what you did.
> ĸen

Hello, I have installed in chapter 5 by LFS-BOOK-7.1, and a question
me. I have decided to install lfs by LFS-BOOK-7.2. How to clear up all
which I have done by LFS-BOOK-7.1?

Thank you.
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