[lfs-support] LFS USB Flash Boot Error --- the final stage...

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 08:51:22 PST 2013

JIA Pei wrote:

> My configuration of booting LFS is also pasted:
> *menuentry "MyLinux distribution (on /dev/sdd1)" --class gnu-linux --class
> gnu --class os {*
> * insmod gzio*
> * insmod part_msdos*
> * insmod ext2*
> * set root='(hd3,msdos1)'*
> * search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root
> a2d0f92a-eca8-4121-a998-99c70d4df67b*
> * echo 'Loading MyLinux ...'*
> * linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.7.1-lfs-SVN-20130102
> root=UUID=a2d0f92a-eca8-4121-a998-99c70d4df67b ro recovery nomodeset *
> * echo 'Loading MyLinux ...'*
> *}*
> 1) Some users told me that in order to use UUID, an *initrd must be built*,
> instead of only *vmlinuz*. However, it seems LFS manual doesn't mention *
> initrd* quite clearly.

Where in the book do you see a search line and use of uuid on the linux 

> What else am I missing?

You keep changing things from the book without knowing what you are 
doing and then asking what went wrong.  Do you see a problem with this?

# set root tells GRUB where to look for kernels
set root=(hd3,1)

# The linux command line tells the kernel the location of the root fs
linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.7.1-lfs-SVN-20130102  root=/dev/sdd1 ro

You may want to review the section 'About initramfs' after you get the 
base system up.

   -- Bruce

   -- Bruce

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