[lfs-support] bash vs dash

Richard Coffee richard.coffee at inbox.com
Sat Jan 5 11:07:36 PST 2013

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>>> My error with this page, even after having built one or two versions of
>>> LFS, was that the last line:
>>> "gcc compilation OK"
>>> that made me ignore the other lines, when some of these lines were
>>> telling me that I had requirements to fix.
>> my script aborts if /bin/sh is not bash, awk not gawk or yacc not bison.
>> if awk or yacc are scripts, i show a message to check the script.
> The idea of the script was that it should be short.  Generally the
> problem is that the symlinks are not set and occasionally makeinfo is
> not installed.  Rarely is the problem an out-of-date executable.

I have a suggestion.

At the bottom of the list, which the average person will pay more attention to anyway, add this test:

 [ $(readlink /bin/sh) == dash ] && echo FIX ME!

or perhaps:

 if [ $(readlink /bin/sh) == dash ]; then
    echo FIX ME!

just my two cents.


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