[lfs-support] can't compile gcc pass 1

Tobias Gasser lfs at ebp-gasser.ch
Sat Jan 5 15:47:44 PST 2013

Am 05.01.2013 18:39, schrieb Bruce Dubbs:
> The idea of the script was that it should be short.  Generally the
> problem is that the symlinks are not set and occasionally makeinfo is
> not installed.  Rarely is the problem an out-of-date executable.


so why not check just the very important stuff?

check the versions for
- bash
- binutils
- gcc
- texinfo

i guess any distro matching at requested versions for these packages 
should have the other packages requrements too.

more important than more package-versions are imho a working compiler
- gcc compilation

the kernel
- version
where as 'compiled with' should be met by the gcc version too. i am not 
aware of any distro shipping the kernel compiled with a older version of 
gcc than the kernel (ok, maybe the .point release does not match).

and the links
- sh
- yacc
- awk

as some distros seem to get rid of the /usr/{bin,sbin} my script checks 
for /usr and /usr/bin. if one of the links fails, i STOP the script with 
an error.

i guess with an approach like that, less novices will fail in the very 

just my thoughts...

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