[lfs-support] sed 'no such file' problem - LFS 7.1, Section 6.13, Binutils-2.22

Ahmed ELtayeb hotsauce3737 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 6 15:15:25 PST 2013

> cd binutils-2.22
and everything will be fine 

Valentine Michael Smith <siasl1952 <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I removed the outdated standards.info file, and then tried the sed command:sed
-i.bak '/^INFO/s/standards.info //' etc/Makefile.inI got back:sed: can't read
etc/Makefile.in: No such file or directoryI checked, and sure enough there was
no such file.It seems someone else on the mailing list had the same problem back
in March, 2012 with LFS 6.8, but I can't find an answer to it.Thanks.

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