[lfs-support] can't compile gcc pass 1

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Mon Jan 7 04:53:23 PST 2013

--- Em dom, 6/1/13, Fernando de Oliveira escreveu:

> De: Fernando de Oliveira
> Assunto: Re: [lfs-support] can't compile gcc pass 1 <lfs-support at linuxfromscratch.org>
> Data: Domingo, 6 de Janeiro de 2013, 9:09

> I agree with you. However, I think that there must be a way
> to reduce 
> user problems, and as usual in life, a price has to be paid
> for that. 
> So, I am dropping the word "like", and also, I do not
> "dislike" this
> script.

Bruce, please, do no consider my two last posts. They were so poorly 
written, that I feel their goals seemed to be the contrary to the 
intended ones.

I stop here, and hope you would go on considering the replacement of 
the version-check.sh script by your second proposed one.

Your second script is, of course, better than the first one with the 
introduction of "function executable".

Apologies, again, for the two previous posts, and I hope this one 
really translates my intentions.


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