[lfs-support] [LFS 7.2] [Chapter 6.13] 'make -k check' 'Error: dw2-1.S: assembly failed' '[check-DEJAGNU] Error'

Stephen Bryant StephenRBryant at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 05:37:04 PST 2013

On 26 January 2013 21:42, Stephen Bryant <StephenRBryant at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> System info:
> LFS: 7.2
> Section: 6.13
> Host: Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS
> OS type: 64-bit
> System: Toshiba NB550D (AMD Fusion C-50 (dual-core 64-bit))
> Steve

I have resolved my problem, and what follows is a brief description of
what was wrong, how I identified what was wrong (in case it's of
interest to anyone, especially those with similar unresolved
problems), and how I corrected it.

tl;dr version:
   - make -k check for binutils-2.22 failed, with an 'assembly failed' error.
   - Searching '/sources/<pkg-build-dir>/' for files containing the
text 'assembly failed' showed that the full error had been logged in
   - The full error identified the source of the problem ('<some-pkg>
not installed').
   - I went back and corrected my previously failed attempt at
installing '<some-pkg>' - which had been caused by my failed
implementation of soft-link package management**.

   - See original post: binutils 'make -k check' command had errors
declaring 'assembly failed'.

Identifying the actual problem:
   - I checked the testsuite directories (given in the ERROR text of
'make -k check') for the phrase 'assembly failed' (using 'grep -r
"assembly failed" ./*') - it must have originated from somewhere...
   - I looked at the code near 'assembly failed' in the identified
file (in 'testsuite/lib/utils-lib.exp' in this case), and saw a
'send_log' command that implied that somewhere the actual failure
output that was summarised as 'assembly failed' on the terminal was
stored in a log file.
   - I broadened my grep search for 'assembly failed' to the whole
'/sources/binutils-2.22/' directory on the offchance that wherever the
errors were logged they included the 'assembly failed' keywords with
the error.
   - This identified that the '.log' file could be found in
'/sources/binutils-build/binutils/' and was called 'binutils.log'.
>From this log it was easy to see what the problem was: 'Warning:
cannot compress debug sections (zlib not installed)'. So, I had failed
to install zlib correctly.

   - Re-installing the zlib package (and the file package, for
completeness) very carefully by doing the soft-link package management
correctly now that I understand it better.

I hope this may be of help to someone else,


** Which I summarise as:
   - Installing the package to 'DESTDIR=/usr/pkg/<pkg-name>/<pkg-num>'
(using 'make DESTDIR=/usr/pkg/<pkg-name>/<pkg-num> install').
   - Creating soft-links to all the files created in the package tree
by the 'make install' process (e.g.
/usr/pkg/<pkg-name>/<pkg-num>/usr/lib/*) from the various directories
in the root tree (e.g. /usr/lib), using the 'ln -s' command (e.g. 'ln
-sv /usr/pkg/<pkg-name>/<pkg-num>/usr/lib/* /usr/lib/').

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