[lfs-support] GCC Pass 1

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Tue May 6 12:58:07 PDT 2014

On 05/06/14 15:47, Jack Ditchburn wrote:
> Bruce,
> Ran the chmod command and got
> sudo chmod -R lfs.lfs $LFS/sources
> [sudo] password for lfs:
> Sorry, user lfs is not allowed to execute '/bin/chmod -R lfs.lfs
> /mnt/lfs/sources' as root on phoenix.
> Something fundamentally broken I think.  I originally downloaded the
> sources onto the host, before i started to configure lfs, then copied
> them across to $LFS/sources when that had been created.  I think that
> maybe I should run chmod on all the files in $LFS/sources, but the
> message above seems to preclude that?
> Thanks for your time
> Jack

No, that just means that the lfs user doesn't have sudo rights, as it 
shouldn't. Just do an "ls -l ../mpfr-*" to check permissions on that 
file. Also, it has absolutely no relation to anything with GCC, GMP, or 
MPC. It just means the mpfr tarball has restrictive permissions. Plus, 
that suggested command is wrong. It should be "chown lfs:lfs 

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