[lfs-support] GNU Make4.1 Segmentation Fault

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 19:20:12 PDT 2016

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 08, 2016 at 04:55:26PM -0400, John Wesley wrote:
>> During a make check after compiling GNU Make-4.1, the following error
>> occurs.
>> make[2]: Entering directory '/mnt/lfs/sources/make-4.1'
>> cd tests && perl ./run_make_tests.pl -srcdir /mnt/lfs/sources/make-4.1
>> -make ../make
>> sh: line 1:   705 Done                    echo "all:;@echo \$(MAKE)"
>> 706 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) | ../make -f-
>> FATAL ERROR: Cannot determine the value of $(MAKE):
>> make install will finish without error, but the application will still
>> seg fault when initiated. The following error was take from dmesg.
>> segfault at 0 ip 00007f0eb0cca606 sp 00007fff2b27c1b8 error 4 in
>> libc-2.23.so[7f0eb0c4c000+198000]

> When people have reported similar errors in the past, it was because
> they had build LFS on one system, then transferred the binaries to a
> lesser system - in that case, the fix is to go back to the first
> system and rebuild gmp using the configfsf files.
> That appears to not match your problem - unless you are building on
> an under-endowed skylake pentium.  Context (book version, host
> system, hardware) might help.  But you appear to be doing something
> VERY different from the rest of us: why is your build entering
> /mnt/lfs/sources/make-4.1 ?  If you were in chroot the /mnt/lfs part
> would not be present.
> The other cause of segfaults is, of course, problematic hardware.
> My own athlon64 (x4, I think) segfaults fairly often - dropping the
> caches sometimes helps.
> Apart from anything else, I think you will need to remove the
> problematic `make' binary.

I've seen a lot of segfaults, but those I've seen are almost always from 
not having a proper environment.  For instance, building as another user 
besides lfs and, since it doesn't work building as root.  Then root does 
not have LFS defined and the host system is made unusable.

There are a lot of problems that arise if the user shuts down the system 
in the middle of Chapter 5 or 6 and then tries to start back up.

In the earlier Chapters, several commands (e.g. chown, mkfs, etc) have to 
be run as root.  It the root user does not have LFS defined, then problems 
arise.  Sometimes the host has a display manager and users log in as user 
lfs and don't realize that ~/.bash_profile is not run by the display 
manager, only ~/.bashrc.

I've seen (doing a restart) users that, as root, just for to 
/mnt/lfs/sources and start building using Chapter 6 instructions -- not 
going into chroot.  Guess what happens...

   -- Bruce

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