[lfs-support] GNU Make4.1 Segmentation Fault

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Sun Apr 10 09:54:40 PDT 2016

FWIW, what I do avoids all the problems Bruce mentions.

1) I've never installed a display manager.  I always start in the CLI,
   and only startx when I want to use a GUI app.  Specifically, when I'm
   going to be building LFS I want the machine dedicated to just the
   building.  a) Running the GUI just "wastes" cycles, and b) all my
   build installs are observed by my package manager "pio" so I
   specifically don't want anything in the GUI/desktop deciding to touch
   a file to confuse things.

2) I put the environment setup steps for Ch5 and Ch6 in separate
   scripts, along with all the build scripts I generate from the book,
   that I run to initiate "build sessions" and terminate cleanly.  I'm
   always building each chapter in multiple sessions, and it doesn't
   cause a problem.
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