[lfs-support] Error Compiling GCC pass 2

Keith Howard kbhoward1975 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 12:21:21 PDT 2016

Forgive me, Guys....dunno how to reply to each of your responses
*individually*, so....


Thanks for responses.
I knew of 'lspci' and 'lsmod', did not know of 'lscpu'.....very cool!
Lot's of info.

> Do not use the pdf for copy/paste.  It is very problemmatic that you get
> everything as is should be.  Specifically the pdf sometimes adds spaces
> after backslashes used for line continuation.  That breaks the build.

Just the PDF, or from the web browser as well?  Afraid of making typos
and hosing everything.

That's why I would copy/paste.....

Again, thanks, Bruce!


Man......I feel like such a dumb dumb!

Per your advice:

I checked my browser executable, 'iceweasel' and sure enough.....it is 32 bit!

I checked under root (/) for 'lib64'.....missing!

It seems that although 'uname -a' reveals a 64 bit kernel my
environment is actually 32bit!

I did some Googling and it appears that an AMD 64bit kernel can run
32bit binaries.

I gotta start over....... :(


Well, I can't thank you gentlemen enough for your generous sharing of time
and knowledge!

I, now, have a MUCH better understanding of what's going on.....I need a 64
version of Knoppix (or other Live distro) that actually has a 64bit kernel
AND a 64bit userland/dev setup.

Thank you both!

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