[lfs-support] Second pass of Binutils: unrecognized configure options

akhiezer lfs65 at cruziero.com
Wed Apr 20 04:11:28 PDT 2016

> Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 11:36:04 +0100
> From: "A.M. Cumberworth" <amc226 at cam.ac.uk>
> Subject: [lfs-support] Second pass of Binutils: unrecognized configure
> 	options
> Hello,
> This is my first time going though LFS. On the second pass of Binutils 
> (5.9) (LFS Version 7.9-systemd), I noticed that the following was 
> printed at the end of the output from configure (with options directly 
> pasted from the book):
> configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --with-lib-path, 
> --with-sysroot

Check re copy'n'paste error(s); if nec copy'n'paste from your
history list (include from a few commands before, to a few after),
into reply. And similarly for your binutils-pass1 .

Are you using html or pdf version of book?

Did you get similar from binutils pass1 ?

> I searched the configure script and could find no reference to these 
> options. I used the wget list and the mdsum script when downloading the 
> source for this and all other packages. Perhaps these (apparently not 
> universally necessary?) options are left over from a previous version of 
> Binutils. According to the configure script comments, the LIBS 
> environmental variable would seem to be used in the same way as 
> --with-lib-path. It seems possible that the with-sysroot option could be 
> set instead with LDFLAGS, which is used to pass flags to the linker, but 
> I don't know much about linkers and compilers, so was wondering if 
> someone could shed some light on this.



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