[lfs-support] Differenfe Between the GCC of Chapter 5 and the one of Chapter 6

Michele Bucca michele.bucca at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 17:37:07 PDT 2016

>> On Tuesday, 1 November 2016, Michele Bucca <michele.bucca at gmail.com>
>>> > The cross-toolchain is extremely stripped down, and doesn't include
several libraries that many packages will need to compile. It is also setup
for a different target - we do that to isolate the final system from the
host and ensure that there are no dependencies on libraries from the host.
>>> Can These libraries that are not included  be added later and built
>> I have never tried, but I would say it would require a lot of
customisation, basically I would say it is so hard, but probably possible.
You would need to edit current binaries, adjust config, and if you want to
delete /tools, well you get the idea.
> I think that it would take more time to accomplish this than it would to
complete the entirety of Chapter 6 w/out tests.

Ok, is there a way to stop the compile process and resume it later, eg the
next day? I can't leave my laptop on for 8 hours
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