[lfs-support] Booting LFS with systemd

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 07:44:00 PDT 2018

On 07/06/2018 01:20 AM, Frans de Boer wrote:
> On 07/05/2018 11:56 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> On 07/05/2018 02:48 PM, Frans de Boer wrote:
>>> On 06/30/2018 01:29 PM, Hazel Russman wrote:
>>>> On Fri, 29 Jun 2018 01:25:29 -0400
>>>> Michael Shell <list1 at michaelshell.org> wrote:
>>>>> On Thu, 28 Jun 2018 16:06:00 +0800
>>>>> Xi Ruoyao <ryxi at stu.xidian.edu.cn> wrote:
>>>>>> Now I only use "initrd" directive to update CPU microcode and fix the
>>>>>> buggy ACPI DSDT of my laptop (another sad story).
>>>>> .........
>>>>> And as there now seems to be several people who suffer with the
>>>>> ACPI DSDT driver bug, you guys should make sure upstream is aware
>>>>> of the problem, if they aren't already.
>>>> ...........
>>>>>    Cheers,
>>>>>    Mike
>>>>> -- 
>>>> I did a git bisect on my system, but I couldn't make much sense of 
>>>> the result. The commit it finally settled on didn't seem to have 
>>>> anything to with acpi.
>>>> [quote]
>>>> Bisecting: 2 revisions left to test after this (roughly 1 step)
>>>> [9af9b94068fb1ea3206a700fc222075966fbef14] x86/cpu/AMD: Handle SME 
>>>> reduction in physical address size
>>>> Bisecting: 0 revisions left to test after this (roughly 1 step)
>>>> [33c2b803edd13487518a2c7d5002d84d7e9c878f] x86/mm: Remove 
>>>> phys_to_virt() usage in ioremap()
>>>> Bisecting: 0 revisions left to test after this (roughly 0 steps)
>>>> [7744ccdbc16f0ac4adae21b3678af93775b3a386] x86/mm: Add Secure Memory 
>>>> Encryption (SME) support
>>>> [unquote]
>>>> I sent the result to the kernel acpi development list but never got 
>>>> an answer. If someone else on this list wants to try, I can send him 
>>>> my complete bisect logs.
>>>> -- 
>>>> Hazel
>>> This quite frustrating. After recompiling, following the book to the 
>>> letter, I still get a frozen LFS system.
>>> One thing I do note however is that the freezing always occurs after 
>>> systemd has detected that it is on a virtual machine. A number of 
>>> error messages is send, but due to ratelimiting I can't see them 
>>> because they are suppressed.
>>> I had even rebuild everything with systemd-232, and that worked as 
>>> before. But after 232, things started to behave strange. Now way to 
>>> debug systemd, whatever I do....
>>> Help?
>> I don't mean to be pedantic, but I really don't think you would run 
>> into these types of problems using System V.  Why not try that?
>>   -- Bruce
> Hi Bruce,
> With System V there is - of course - no problem. The thing is that 
> systemd - if it runs well - is somewhat easier to use because of the use 
> of .service files.

I'll have to disagree that service files are easier.  What I do agree 
with is that they are more consistent among distros.  The boot scripts 
for System V are really quite easy to read and, if needed, write.

  I also noticed that some packages are only shipping
> .service(.in) files and have abandon the use of sysVinit files. 

Then they are abandoning those distros that do not use systemd such as 
the BSDs and Devuan.  But those distros can easily add their own boot 
scripts.  I'll note that all the BLFS packages that need boot scripts 
have them,

> Combined 
> with the fact that most distributions have embraced systemd as their 
> primary or only init system let me believe that we are stuck with this 
> piece of ever growing mutation. And as LFS is a teaching ground, it 
> should - however reluctant - incorporated this too.

As a teaching tool, NOT using systemd is essential.  There is far too 
much done by systemd in an opaque manner that System V demonstrates and, 
if desired,implemented in custom ways.

> Also, the goal is that someone fire-up their basic hardware with a LFS 
> born OS, but for testing or use in VM's development is nowadays mostly 
> within the VM realm.

When I teach LFS in class, I always have the students use real HW, 
There are too many things that VMs hide,

   -- Bruce

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