[lfs-support] Building LFS under Debian

Alan Corey alan01346 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 09:25:43 PDT 2018

LFS is a work of art, I can't believe it's been around 20 years and
I'd never heard of it.  20 years ago I was downloading Slackware on
floppies and lugging them home from college.

The paths are sort of intricate to a newcomer though.  There are the
paths I see, the paths the chroot is going to see, then paths used as
prefix and lib-path.  At couple diagrams might help in the beginning.
I'm still stuck on binutils, chapter 5,

I started out making a mountpoint called /lfs to mount the partition
I'm working in, then decided it was a bad idea.  What I have looks


Filezilla has nice directory trees BTW if somebody wants to do
screenshots for documenting.  :)  Anyway I'm not sure that's right.
Does the page mean to make build inside of binutils or is it outside
to be used again later?  My $LFS is set to /mnt/lfs

I made a little cfg script for consistency rather than doing it from
memory, it's mostly copied from the web page:
../configure --prefix=/tools            \
  --with-sysroot=$LFS        \
  --with-lib-path=/tools/lib \
  --target=$LFS_TGT          \
  --disable-nls              \

configure echos it back as
 ../configure --prefix=/tools --with-sysroot=/mnt/lfs
--with-lib-path=/tools/lib --target=aarch64-lfs-linux-gnu
--disable-nls --disable-werror

in the config.log.  OK, I'll attach the log.

What worries me is the
gcc: error trying to exec 'as': execvp: Too many levels of symbolic links
In the conftest.  Debian has this kludgy alternatives system where gcc
is /usr/bin/gcc but that's
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 5 Apr  4 06:16 gcc -> gcc-7
and that's
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 23 Jun 26 03:52 gcc-7 -> aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-7
And aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-7 is the real name of gcc 7
maybe that's just part of conftest but configure dies with an error
and no makefile.  as is:
as -> aarch64-linux-gnu-as in /usr/bin

These kludgy scripts, and PAM/Selinux/Apparmor are what I'm hoping to
get away from with linuxfromscratch.   Yes, I usually have a few gcc
and as and g++ versions around but it seems like there should be a
better way.


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