[lfs-support] compile 4.17.7 32 bit

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Fri Jul 20 15:48:00 PDT 2018

I'm not sure I'm clear on this.  Yes, Core 2 Duo's run either 64 or 32 bit code.  Linus thinks everybody runs 64-bit code.  I've gotten the impression from the KPTI thing early in the year that kernel devs aren't spending much time at all on 32-bit code in the kernel.  I've been hoping for KPTI mitigation for 32-bit kernels, but mostly have lost hope.

So to be clear, are we talking here about running 4.17 in 32-bit mode, or just on a Core-2 Duo, which LFS would build in 64-bit mode "unless steps were taken" (gmp, et al)?

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