[lfs-support] reset video hardware settings

Thomas Seeling thomas.seeling at gmx.net
Mon Jul 23 04:05:31 PDT 2018


I have a question regarding setting the video mode.

During boot the kernel switches to a mode suitable to the monitor
capabilities (for my monitor with 1920x1200 this would be 75 rows x 240
cols) if the monitor supports this.

Now here's where my problem starts: I use a 4-port KVM switch which
delivers a default mode of 1024x768 to the 3 ports not selected. When an
LFS system boots non-selected it switches to another video mode and size
(48 rows x 128 cols).

Is it possible to force-set the video mode after boot? Is this a
separate package with some CLI or is this not possible at all?

I have tried to follow the steps in the "console" init script but this
didn't help me - it sets a font, but not the basic video mode.

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