[lfs-support] reset video hardware settings

Thomas Seeling thomas.seeling at gmx.net
Mon Jul 23 14:25:52 PDT 2018


>> Is it possible to force-set the video mode after boot? Is this a 
>> separate package with some CLI or is this not possible at all?
> Depending on the driver you're using, it may be trivial.  You can set
> it by a kernel boot parameter in the GRUB stanza, e.g. video=1024x768
> or whatever.

ok, I think I forgot to mention that I want to avoid rebooting.
I'd simply like to have the possibility to set the correct video mode
when I activate that particular port on the KVM.

The system receives a bunch of video parameters upon boot, but if that
port on the KVM is not the active one it is 1024x768 and not the real
setting that the monitor reports to the KVM switch.
I'd later like to force that exact video mode.
The kernel does it somehow and if possible I want to have that
functionality on manual request.

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