[lfs-support] Booting LFS with systemd

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Mon Jul 23 16:01:26 PDT 2018

On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 05:20:41PM -0500, Douglas R. Reno wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 8:47 AM Frans de Boer <frans at fransdb.nl> wrote:
> > >>>> This quite frustrating. After recompiling, following the book to the
> > >>>> letter, I still get a frozen LFS system.
> > >>>> One thing I do note however is that the freezing always occurs after
> > >>>> systemd has detected that it is on a virtual machine. A number of
> > >>>> error messages is send, but due to ratelimiting I can't see them
> > >>>> because they are suppressed.
> > >>>>
> > >>>> I had even rebuild everything with systemd-232, and that worked as
> > >>>> before. But after 232, things started to behave strange. Now way to
> > >>>> debug systemd, whatever I do....
> > >>>>
> > >>>> Help?
> > >>>
> >
> Frans,
> Can you please try systemd-239? It should show up in the render tomorrow
> morning (US Central time, I'm not sure what it is in UTC).
> I'll make sure it lands in BLFS here in the coming days, just extremely
> busy outside of LFS.

If that does't help, now that I've had to apply a workaround
to two of my sysv systems to speed booting (lack of entropy on some
machines with integrated video and only an SSD) I've got an
alternative suggestion - if the kernel is 4.17 or later, or 4.16.4
or later, or (perhaps) 4.14.36 or later, it contains a CVE fix which
ensures that getrandom() will not return until the CRNG is properly

That is reported to severely impact _some_ VMs' startup times.

The easiest workaround is to install haveged in chroot, and its
systemd file in your case.  If that is the problem, people differ
about the quality of what haveged provides - if you need to generate
long-lived security kees (e.g. for gpg) in the VM see
https://lkml.org/lkml/2018/7/23/857 (Ted Ts'o's reply to me when I
suggested that if I had to use haveged the boot was fast but didn't
it weaken future entropy?)

           Entropy not found, thump keyboard to continue

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