[lfs-fr] Mailing list moves

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Sam 26 Avr 07:48:51 PDT 2014

Hi guys,

A bit of a long email ahead. Please do read. Important information ahead 
to give you a head's up on what to expect today.

A quick note on memberships: I haven't found an easy way to maintain 
people's passwords and their digest enabled/disabled flag. I don't want 
to spend a great deal more time in trying to make this work. So, in 
short, everybody who is currently subscribed will be moved over. You'll 
have to set your passwords again and turn digest modes back on if 
desired. There aren't too many people who use digest mode so I hope the 
global inconvenience isn't too great.

That said, I'm moving the mailing lists today. I'll be starting this 
process shortly. In an attempt to prevent de-synchronizations (and 
subsequently extra work) I'm going to follow this process. I'm not going 
to send yet another email to all the lists after having sent so many 
already so this will serve as the head's up that downtime is imminent. 
Once this email is sent out and the email queue is empty (ie. everybody 
has received this email) I'll give some time to read it and make your 
final commits and posts.

It's 9:45 AM CST right now. I'll start with the process outlined below 
(resulting in downtime) in approximately an hour.

The process in a nutshell will be as follows:

* Set every list to "moderate all" mode on old and new servers to 
prevent new messages from being delivered. This ensures the archives 
remain unchanged while they are uploaded to the new server.  There's 
about 6 GB to upload, spanning 14 years. This will take some time.
* Turn off Mailman services on both servers
* Forward every Mailman related email address from old to new server.

At this point any post attempts will end held in the new server's queue. 
They will remain there until all the archives and membership databases 
are imported.

After the files are copied over I'll turn on Mailman services back (new 
server only) so databases can be imported. Moderate all mode will remain 
on for a while longer. After testing I'll turn the modes off on a 
per-list basis one at a time and send an "all clear" email to the list.

In theory, no posts will get lost -- they just end up queued up for 
later delivery. However, I can't make guarantees that I won't have to 
flush a queue to fix problems that crop up.

It would probably be best if you guys all avoid posting too much (or 
anything at all). You can of course try but you may end up having to 
re-send an email or two that gets lost.

Website URLs to mailing list info and archive pages will be updated 
afterwards at some point as well.

I don't have an ETA on all this. Please anticipate this taking the 
better part of the day.

Thanks guys,

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