[links-list] Moving around with arrow keys bringing up the menu?

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Mon Mar 6 11:10:28 PST 2000

> Ok, here's a weird problem.. has anyone else seen the menu
> spontaneously coming up?  I absolutely am NOT hitting escape.. but
> I am sometimes holding down the arrow key (since it's so hard to
> navigate around a zillion links)..

I suspect the heart of the problem is that the cursor keys send
escape sequences; each press of a cursor key sends escape followed
by a couple of other characters.

When you auto-repeat a cursor key, you're sending a long series
of these sequences. If anything happens to disrupt the stream,
either losing some characters, letting them arrive out of order, or
introducing timing delays between the bytes sent by a single cursor
key, the decoder built into curses/termcap/slang/whatever can get
confused, and think it has a lone escape.

Beyond that I won't attempt to guess.

Losing bytes, or having them arrive out of order, would constitute a
bad bug. But introducing a delay might not.

If that's where the problem lies, then fixes might include trying a
different library, or perhaps even tuning the definition of your
terminal, I don't know.

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