[links-list] doesn't show www.bmgmusicservice.com properly

Mikulas Patocka mikulas at artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Sat Mar 25 10:47:13 PST 2000

> I don't remember if I mentioned this before.. but I've got links set up 
> as my browser that's launched from pine, and I just noticed that links doesn't
> properly render www.bmgmusicservice.com
> After I log in, it shows the _previous page_ (the login page) in the 
> rightmost frame, instead of the content that's supposed to be shown when
> I use one of the links on the left column (such as 'your featured selection',
> or search, etc..)
> w3m does seem to be doing it a bit better, but the way you have to hit return
> on text fields is weird.

Could you please find what's exactly bad? I don't have account on
bmgmusicservice, so I can't test it.


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