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Michael Deegan michael at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Mon Mar 27 06:59:25 PST 2000

On Mon, Mar 27, 2000 at 03:25:33PM +0100, Ian Miller wrote:
> Two things that, for me, make links less usuable than lynx are:-

You mean two and a half? :)

> 	1) it's not possible to 'refresh' with CTRL-L when some
> 	   idiot has put up a jpeg that can't be displayed with 
>            'xv' or 'xli'

Me too[tm].

> 	2) it's not possible to cut-and-paste text to and from the
>            links window (e.g. to paste in a URL, or to copy a portion
> 	   of text to your mail window etc.)

Hold down control and normal gpm cut-and-pasting will happen.

> 	[ 3) also, bookmarks would be nice, but I know you are working on 
> 	    these - it would nice too if you could share lynx bookmarks
> 	    that would make the transition between the two easier! ]

Someone had written preliminary bookmark support. I vaguely recall someone
posting a URL for a patch or something, though I have no idea whether this
was for a stable version or some random links-current version.

I have set things so that Links launches whenever I log onto a particular
virtual console, with my Lynx bookmark page as it's start page. Remember
that, just like with Netscrape, bookmark files are just html :)

> Does the mouse-driven nature of links prevent a solution to problem 2) ?
> links is, nevertheless, excellent of course! (although it could do with
> a better name - how about the Czech equivalent of 'links' or 'lynx' (the
> animal) ? 'links' is just too confusing!

I suspect the similarity in name will become a recurring theme. Does Mikulas
have any words on this subject?



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