[links-list] using gettext for translations

Mikulas Patocka mikulas at artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Fri Jun 1 17:14:16 PDT 2001

> I just finished translating links to Swedish, and I must say that I can
> see several advantages of using gettext instead of this home brewed
> translation scheme.
> * It is a well known format, there are a lot of tools that operate on
>   .po-files, you can merge files, use translation memory and so on.
>   This also means that the threshold for new translators is smaller,
>   because they will probably have seen .po-files before.
> * The translations are compiled independently of the application so you
>   don't need to recompile when adding a new language or adding new
>   translations.
> I've made a small script that translates the existing format to
> po-format. Is is not 100% perfect yet, but I could work on it some more
> if there is interest for it.
> Incorporating gettext into links is easy, since the build system is
> already using automake and autoconf.

gettext sucks. It does not work very well on non-linux systems (last time
I tried to compile lynx on irix with --with-nls and it failed).

gettext cannot translate charsets (did you ever accessed czech localized
linux box from 7-bit terminal?)

These are 2 reasons why I don't use it. Some old experimental versions of
Links really used gettext but I removed it. 


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