[links-list] links 0.95 on openbsd 2.8 running the pcvt (vt220) driver?

clemensF rabat at web.de
Sat Jun 9 14:35:38 PDT 2001

> clemensF:

> hi.  i made links 0.95 the other day on my newly installed openbsd 2.8 and
> the make went fine, but on startup the screen is cleared, the cursor homed
> and nothing else happens.

i thought i had mailed in the `fix'.  back when i was young i had simply
compiled in a default url to start the thing up (interactively) with
google.  and yes, ye're right:  after pressing <ESC> or giving it a "go",
it shined up.  as did i.  sorry for the inconvenience.  of course i'm
running the lua pepped up version now :) !


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