[links-list] Strange problem

Mikulas Patocka mikulas at artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Mon Jun 11 04:16:39 PDT 2001

> >> Oh, I forgot to state that _now_ I see the problem on OS/2, didn't try
> >> .96pre2 on the alpha-linux yet.
> >
> >Do you have proxy?
> >
> >It seems that the proxy strips header off - making it a HTTP 0.9
> >response. Links does not support HTTP 0.9.
> Well, hard to say ...
> I use my university to connect. They have some seamless
> webcache installed (transparent for the user, nothing to configure, etc.).
> No idea what this does in detail ...
> >Try turning on 'Use only HTTP 1.0' in HTTP options.
> >
> >Mikulas
> Ah, this does work!
> I thought I had tried that also, but obviously I was wrong.
> For completeness I add the current LOG as well.

It seems to be bug in server that replies with HTTP 0.9 protocol when it
receives request from the proxy.

Sadly I don't know about any HTTP 0.9 server, so I can't write HTTP 0.9


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