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Khimenko Victor khim at sch57.msk.ru
Fri Jun 15 14:04:39 PDT 2001

On Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Marius Gedminas wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 07:11:02PM +0400, Khimenko Victor wrote:
> > > So you mean that it is not possible to override charset sent by server?
> > >
> > Yes, it's not possible. FORTUNATELLY on public servers where charset is
> > not set responce usually is
> > -- cut --
> > Content-Type: text/html
> > -- cut --
> > so you still can set other charset in document text with META.
> The W3C HTML 4.01 specification supports this:
>   "To sum up, conforming user agents must observe the following
>    priorities when determining a document's character encoding (from
>    highest priority to lowest):
>     1. An HTTP "charset" parameter in a "Content-Type" field.
>     2. A META declaration with "http-equiv" set to "Content-Type" and a
>        value set for "charset".
>     3. The charset attribute set on an element that designates an
>        external resource."
> However Links already has this among other HTML options:
>   [ ] Ignore charset info sent by server
> Why not another option that would allow META declaration override HTTP
> charset?  Both options would have a similair purpose: to work around
> problems (incorrectly specified charsets) at the server end.
Unfortunatelly currently it's unchangeable default and it's WRONG default:
both HTTP and HTML specifications favor HTTP responce over META declaration
and latest versions of MS IE, Netscape (4.7x and 6.x) doing so (you CAN
specify different default and override everything in most browsers but
it's "last resort" and should not be usually needed)... I'm quite often is
forced to use this "last resort" with russian web servers and I do not
like it. ESPECIALLY since it's due to violation of HTTP/1.1 and HTML 4.01
recommendation (if not requirement) !

P.S. What to do with "Content-Charset" and "charset as a html attribute to
META" is not clear from HTTP/HTML specifications and I've NOT seen them
used for quite some time (and in web's ealy days there are more then
dozen different non-standard ways to specify charset). So if support
for such extensions will be dropped altogether it'll not change much.
IMVHO, of course.

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