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clemensF ino-waiting at gmx.net
Sun May 5 01:22:06 PDT 2002

> Jonas Fonseca:

> But if this javascript code 
> [...]
> So it's ok to have <p> tags inside <script> strings but not <td>. 

you seem to have quite some javascript knowledge :)  may i ask something?

there are many sites out there that wouldn't need any javascript, but
perhaps the market oeconomix see to it, that always the most expensive
canons are used to swat a fly.

my problem is this:  i come across sites that make popups appear using js. 
they define functions that do nothing else but call some normal HTML page. 
this page is there and could be called easily with any browser that can
find it.

could i use lua to handle this special situation?  eg. lynx can use rules
that make it appear to do js, but only for sites whose structure is known.

i don't want a general mechanism, but for the two sites i'm interested in,
there surely is a way to view them, especially as elinks has an embedded
lua interpreter, which lynx has not.

how are the base URL's typically set up, which are used by js routines to
tack on some URL piece?  if i know that, i could propably script it myself.

clemens fischer
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