[links-list] Re: javascript, was Re: Re: Cookies

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Sun May 5 10:21:19 PDT 2002

On Sun, May 05, 2002 at 06:30:25PM +0200, Petr Baudis wrote:
> http://elinks.pld.org.pl/links.gif and mailing list archives are only
> publically available informations I guess. And note that gLinks is name I gave
> to it in order to be able to call it easily, it's just links -g and it'll be
> part of official links, it looks.

Ok looking forward to this then. Hmm btw:
jonas at emma:src > links -source http://elinks.pld.org.pl/links.gif | grep Plik
[404] File Not Found : Plik nie istnieje

> > Yes for security reasons the two should be seperated but won't it be the
> > same 'engine' that does the work with different 'modes' of behaviour or 
> > rights ?
> It wouldn't. As I said, it does *completely* different things.

I can't see why pre- and postformatting of HTML is so different if this
is what lua can be used for. As to more internal hooks I see your point. 

> > You could do some fun stuff with bookmarks and such. And if the hole bfu
> > was made with HTML as well then ... Ok I'll stop here! ;)
> Good for you >:).

Actually HTML is nothing but a primitive window toolkit. You can nest
areas, there's all sorts of buttons etc. And also the way that links
shows <select>'s fx is the same as the codepage selection option. So
the difference might not be that big. Would be quite flexible too 
not to mention scripting could make Windows personal menus look 
like ... ;)

> Anyway, what did you mean with "fun stuff with bookmarks" ? ;))

Ok now you're asking for it. ;)

If you have a *lot* of pages to keep up with you might want to use
Last-modification-time to notify you when a bookmark has something new
to offer. Ok you can possibly do this already.

Else you could have a search page kind of like mozillas sidebar tuned in 
on your favorite search engine that extracted the results in a separate 
frame. (This goes under 'and such';)
Jonas Fonseca
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