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On 05/05/2002 16:30:45 links-list-bounce wrote:

>Btw. if javascript should be an option in the future a possible way
>could be with SpiderMonkey[1]. It is a C implementation of JavaScript[2].

I have followed the embedding newsgroups on news.mozilla.org
I have seen many instances of embedding Gecko (the HTML renderer)
I haven't seen *any* mention of SpiderMonkey being embedded :-(

>This might be easier to integrate than the Java implementation mentioned
>in the TODO file. Possibly also making a more standardized interface
>scripting based on how lua is done now. This could be very interesting.
>Make it possible to do ruby or bash scripts in HTML pages. Making links
>a kind of webshell engine.
>[1] http://www.mozilla.org/js/spidermonkey
>[2] Don't know if the license is a problem though.

Spidermonkey is most likely licensed under the Mozilla license.

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