[links-list] [ANNOUNCE] elinks-0.4pre7

Petr Baudis pasky at pasky.ji.cz
Sat May 11 12:47:56 PDT 2002


  no, we still don't have hiearchic options. No, we still don't have the DNS
bug fixed. This release is here so "soon" mainly because pre6 didn't compile on
many systems, mainly *BSD and OS/2; that should be fixed now. However, there
may pop up some problems from very recent merge of Links-0.97 (which is
probably one of the last Links releases, though).

  Just a reminder, I would be very glad if you would move from pasky.ji.cz to
cvs.pld.org.pl also if you're using CVS, so that there'll be less load on my
line, and update all links leading to http://pasky.ji.cz/elinks/ to

  If this ELinks will crash to you, *PLEASE* let me know, with backtrace and
descrpition of the thing you did when it crashed, if possible (if you can
reproduce it, even better!).

  So, the main changes in elinks-0.4pre7 are:

* italian translation updated
* french translation updated
* czech translation updated
* merges with Mikulas' 0.97

* FreeBSD compilation fixes
* OS/2 compilation fixes
* win32/cygwin support enhancements

* parsing/rendering performance enhancements
* added Ctrl-Enter keybinding allowing to reload target of link
* added 'l' keybinding displaying context menu on link, like right mouse button
* internal gzip/bzip2 decompression support for local files
* debug is not enabled by default now; you can enable it thru configure option
* support for setting Accept-Language HTTP header
* updated RPM spec file

  Please see ChangeLog for full list of changes and credits (together with

  As unusual, the elinks itself may be now found at http://elinks.pld.org.pl/.

PS: Again, you're welcomed to join #elinks at irc.openprojects.net, if you
want to see ELinks developers alive! :)

PPS: Please use

$ cvs -z3 -d :pserver:anonymous at cvs.pld.org.pl:/cvsroot co elinks

for getting CVS version of ELinks from now. It's rsync'd each 15 mins.

  Still happy cores generating and bugs reporting,

				Petr "Pasky" Baudis
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* IRCnet operator                  * FreeCiv AI hacker
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