[links-list] Re: HTTP Auth

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Mon May 13 10:53:12 PDT 2002

2002-05-01-06:47:21 Nige:
> I don't get a pop up if I try to visit a URL, just an error saying Cache
> Access Denied.

Ahh, sounds like you're wanting HTTP Proxy Authorization, which
Links doesn't yet do. Someone who both understands the HTTP (pretty
easy to get from the RFCs) and also understands Links's HTTP auth
code needs to prepare and submit a patch to add Proxy auth support.

There are some differences between HTTP Basic Auth (which some
older linkses, and some newer linkses, do support) and Proxy Auth.
First, the actual error that provokes the auth is somewhat
different, and second, it needs to be handled independantly; once
Proxy auth has been triggered, its header should be appended to all
queries until and unless the proxy setting changes, and any HTTP
Basic auth that's requested should happen as normal in addition to
the proxy auth.

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