[links-list] Bookmarks deleted after read error.

paul.g.barnett at britishairways.com paul.g.barnett at britishairways.com
Wed May 15 08:53:41 PDT 2002

This looks similar to the problem you all discussed last month:

I'm using elinks 0.4pre7, and I DO care about my bookmarks.

I su to sudo to root and run elinks - it changes the permissions of my
file to root, but otherwise works ok.

I exit from root, (id is now paul) and run elinks. bookmarks are gone! I
from elinks, and bookmarks file is zero bytes.

I think that elinks sees the bookmarks file, tries to read it, but fails
(it is
owned by root, mode=600), but then rewrites the file from its in-memory
copy (which is, of course empty).

So it seems to me that elinks should not attempt to re-write the bookmarks
if it failed to read it. And it is probably another bug that elinks tries
to re-write the
bookmarks file, even when there are no changes.

And this probably applies to all other files written by elinks.

(links does not have this problem, as it sets the permissions
to 644 - still owned by root, but readable by me.)


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