[links-list] Re: HTTP Auth

Nige nigel.scott at uk.thalesgroup.com
Thu May 16 06:44:57 PDT 2002

Bennett Todd wrote:
> (b) respond to 407 Proxy Authorization Required by popping up a
>     requestor to interactively ask for the username and password
>     (not echoing the password), with a checkbox indicating whether
>     the user wants this saved in a file or not; by default just keep
>     the proxy auth info in memory for the session.
> But like I said, that'd be gravy; the current functionality works,
> and I don't know that there's a big enough audience for anything
> more to justify any more development effort expended on it.

I think this is what I am actually after. I want to use Links so I can
stealthily surf from work, but I never actually get the opportunity to
enter the username/password...

What do I need in my links.cfg file to get it to work?

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